ADA Accessibility Upgrades

Hingewerks Commercial Doors, Inc. offers a wide range of automatic door products to help make your building compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Integrating automatic door products is a great way to ensure accessibility for a wide range of pedestrian traffic, and is one of the best investments that can be made to your buildings accessibility.   Automatic swing doors provide many options, designs and configurations to work with both new and existing openings, and are offered as both Low-Energy configurations (in accordance with ANSI A156.19), which are activated by a knowing act device, such as press plate actuators or access control devices.  Other options include Full Energy products activated by motion sensors (in accordance with ANSI A156.10).  Hingewerks offers automatic door products compliant with both ANSI standards.  Automatic swing door operators are one of the quickest, most efficient and cost effective additions that can be made to any building.

Facilities that ADA compliant automatic door products are commonly installed include hospitals, medical office buildings, commercial office buildings, airports, retail, hotels, schools, libraries, industrial and government buildings.  

While automatic door technology continues to improve, product ranges have expanded to accomodate a wide variety of installation options.  Automatic swing door operator installation options include: